Our brand-new online training platform has been specifically designed to enhance ball mastery skills with the aim to later apply these skills in a competitive environment. Aimed at all ability levels our weekly, pre-recorded videos offer players the opportunity to train with us at their convenience. Additionally, through our weekly live sessions, the players can expect to be challenged whilst receiving immediate feedback from our expert team of coaches, ensuring each player is achieving their full potential.

Built on developing a unique & special relationship between the player and the ball, our sessions are all designed to be high intensity whilst demanding game speed movements & repetitions.

Our mission is to take your game to the next level & the time is now, train with us today to accelerate your journey to the Premier League.

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  • Access to a LIVE ball mastery exclusive to our CSUK Ball Mastery Community



Champion Sports UK have researched extensively into the stages of learning to ensure this online training programme aids improvement in all our players from beginner (stage one) to automatic (stage three).


Cognitive Stage

The early stages of learning motor skills; individuals learn what is needed for the skill with attention to detail being of utmost importance. Players may perform skills slower and mistakes are an important aspect of the learning process. During this stage feedback is required more frequently.


Associate Stage

The aim of stage two is to refine the accuracy and consistency of such skills with a reduced number of errors. Gradually, more success and fluidity of all skills will be noticeable. Players also make use of intrinsic and kinaesthetic feedback, concurrent feedback can now play an important role.frequently.


Autonomous Stage

The final stage of learning, which can often take years of practise, sees much higher levels of smoothness, efficiency, and accuracy. The sequencing and timing of skills becomes automatic and learners can take on much more information during this stage. Self-analysis is an integral aspect of stage threefrequently.